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Getting Married at your Wedding Reception Venue?
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If your wedding is all under one roof and you are getting married at your wedding reception venue, there is a little part of a traditional wedding that is missing ... a wedding  car or more importantly a wedding campervan!

'Just Married' Drive 

After the wedding the bride and groom traditionally would go away on their honeymoon with the 'just married' sign on the back of the vehicle, with tin cans, boots all tied on with string rattling their way down the road, to announce to all that newlyweds were on their way.  

We thought it would be a nice idea to offer that 'going away on honeymoon' experience but also to be able to incorporate it within the schedule of a modern wedding day, so on a mini scale. It has been a great success and a wonderful photo opportunity.  It gives the newlyweds chance to take a breather from all the excitement of the day and to have a few moments alone while their guests get settled at the reception venue.  

As with our VW campervan wedding hire, our 'Just Married Drive' is a totally tailored service, so quoted on an individual basis.  The duration of the hire is one hour.   We always have a little 'emergency' picnic hamper on board, which is totally complimentary. 

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