Where it all began...

The VW Obsession

We have been passionate about Volkswagen campervans for over 30 years; what can we say, they just make us happy.   We have spent many a holiday camping in them around the UK,  lived and travelled around the coast in Australia in them, used them as our 'daily drives' to travel to and from work; to be honest we are a tiny bit obsessed by them.   

Kombi Australia 92
Australia Northern Territory nr Monkey M
Denise Kombi Australia 92
Australia Kombi Little Lagoon 92 solo
Christmas Victoria Australia
Uluru Australia
VW Splitscreen 13 Window Deluxe
Hector's last camping trip
VW 1965 Splitscreen 13 Window Deluxe
Kombi Australia
VW Bay Window 'Devon'
Karmann Ghia 1968
Jo and Neil
Megan&Ben (529)
Meg and Ben
Past and present VWs
Suzi Roobarb and Hector
Ermintrude 1988 Kharmann Gipsy
Mick when he first got Hector
Barney Roobarb Hector

The Old Camper Company wasn't created it sort of evolved without us realising it.   Friends and family have been borrowing our various campervans for their weddings for a very long time but we didn't really think anything of it, we were just so happy to share the love.   Then something changed; we sold our beautifully restored 1965 VW Splitscreen 13 Window Deluxe and bought 'a project' who was in much need of some TLC after a very unsuccessful race at Santa Pod the poor boy.  That little white (or should I say Lotus White) VW Splitscreen we called 'Hector'.   We just wanted to look after him, we just fell in love and so did everyone else.  He still had the original 1966 interior and rather than rip everything out and replace we decided to preserve his history, so he really is vintage.  

A few years later we added 'Barney' 1974 VW Bay Window Deluxe who is a rare automatic and he has been totally restored inside and out.


The last and by no means least, is 'Roobarb' 1977 VW Bay Window.   Roobarb is a little bit special and has been been Mick's work mate just forever; he is another rare specimen and has twin sliding doors so it is possible to see right through him, so amazing photograph opportunities to be had!  We have a few plans for Roobarb apart from wedding hire so watch this space...