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T he Old Camper Company is a niche business based in Rugby offering the hire of our much loved Volkswagen campers 'Hector' and 'Barney'.  

We have been passionate about Volkswagen campers for over 30 years.   We have spent many a happy holiday camping in them,  lived and travelled around the coast in Australia in them, used them as our 'daily drives' to travel to and from work...in fact you could say we are a tiny bit obsessed by them, ahhh the world of the awesome 'aircooled'! 

The Old Camper Company wasn't created it sort of evolved without us realising it.    The first seed of an idea was sown over 10 years ago when we were asked by our nephew 'can we borrow your 'Hector' for our wedding?'.   Hector then starred again 4 years later at our niece's wedding and then out of the blue someone (not related!) asked if they could actually hire him and that's, as they say, where it all began.  We came up with the name of The Old Camper Company very quickly and it just suits us down to the ground.    We soon realised that lots of people loved our gorgeous boys as much as we did, we then knew it was our duty to 'share the love' and what better way than on the happiest day of your life, your Wedding Day!   

Our attention to detail is second to none and so you can rest assured that we offer a truly authentic and unique vintage wedding experience.   We want to make your day bursting with happy memories.   


From the tiniest tots to the proper grown ups,  everyone smiles and wants to wave when they see a VW campervan go by. 

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